Entity is a true stereo no compromise polyphonic synthesizer for the Soundart Chameleon.
It includes filters based on real analogue circuitry.


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  • Stereo 12dB-per-octave distorting oscillating filters, based on real analogue circuitry
  • Three oscillators variable from sine to saw/square and further, with frequency modulation
  • Stereo noise source and ring modulator with selectable inputs
  • Modulation matrix with variable routing to any number of parameters
  • External audio input, for filtering/processing external sounds
  • Six voices of no-compromise synthesis
  • Cascade up to eight Chameleons to increase polyphony


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Released on 1st March 2006, Entity is now in version 1.01. It is licensed under the GPL
See also the CHANGELOG for changes and bugfixes since previous versions.

And for Chameleon developers:

Contact Information

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Please send any comments or feedback to Tony Hardie-Bick at
Tony's spam masked e-mail address (tony at entitysynth dot net)